Jobs That Are In Demand In 2019

Gone were the days where you chose your field based on your interests, there are people who still do this but in the present-day majority of us choose a job based on how well it pays and the job opportunities of that field in the country. As the number of graduates increases so does the number of unemployed people, so it’s pretty important to choose the right pathway that can lead to better job opportunities. Doctors and Engineers are pretty obvious choices so here’s a list of less obvious but in-demand jobs.


Software developerThis is number one on our list, and it is no surprise that the IT industry is one of the fastest and largest growing industries. IT is basically the future, and there are fewer graduates in this field so this would be a good job if you have the slightest interest in IT. An application software developer basically designs computer applications for consumers.

Information security Analyst

You are in charge of protecting computer networks and systems, a degree in computer system or cybersecurity would suffice to get into this field. As I’ve mentioned earlier, IT is a growing a field and will not die out any soon but it requires months of hard work and your valuable time in order to see results.


Despite technology taking over the financial industry, accountants are still very much in need. Their skills are a great asset to the company and no automation can replace that. They oversee the financial aspect of a company, with the most important of them being the management accountant, tax accountant, and the financial accountant.

They are in charge of bookkeeping, ensure that taxes are paid properly, check the statements and ensure that they comply with the laws and regulation etc. Basically, they are in charge of the financial aspect of a company.

Human resource manager

As more and more businesses emerge, the need for someone to handle the administrative functions also increase. There needs to be someone that hires, interviews and forms the bridge between the employees and the management of an organization and this is exactly what a human resource manager does.

Should you consider something you love or something that can land you a job easily? Well in the end it’s a mixture of both, consider something you like and let that something have a good job scope in your country because you see, all these jobs mentioned above are very different from each other, but the one thing that they all require is hard work and for that you need to be interested in what you do.